About Cashback Club

Put simply, Cashback Club will pay you when you shop online.

How can we do this?

Cashback Club have established relationships with thousands of retailers who market and sell their products and services via their online websites. When a Cashback Club member clicks through to a retailer’s website via the Cashback Club and completes a purchase, Cashback Club receive sales commissions from the retailer. These sales commissions are then passed back to our member’s via their cashback account. In essence Cashback Club acts as a referrer of business to retailers who are more than happy to share their profit from the sale with us which we then pass back to our members.

It is a win / win for both the retailer and our members. The retailer makes a sale and our members get both a great online deal and also cashback on their purchase.

Do I need to purchase something to receive cash?

Not necessarily

It is likely that you already own and pay for products that Cashback Club are able to collect cashback for you on. Financial products such as superannuation accounts, personal insurances such as life insurance, income protection & trauma insurance and even home loans will generate trailing commissions which Cashback Club can collect for you. These trailing commissions are usually paid to agents or brokers who had a hand in the original set up of your account or policy and are paid on an ongoing basis (every month). Cashback Club are able to collect these commission payments on your behalf and credit them to your cashback account. This is an easy (and free) thing to arrange and does not require any purchase. You simply need to complete a one page “Broker Nomination Form” and send it through to Cashback Club.

& its risk free as too!

Nominating Cashback Club as the broker on your account or policy will not change the account or policy in any way other than authorise Cashback club to collect these commission payments for you.

With Cashback Club as the nominated broker your accounts or policies will operate exactly the same as they already do. All you have done is authorise Cashback Club to be the agent on your account and therefore be authorised to collect any commission payments on your behalf.

How Cashback Club Works