Earning Money While Shopping Online

Do you like to buy items online and scour the web for great deals instead of driving to the mall and dealing with crowds and long lines?

If you answered yes, then you should register with the Cashback Club. Now, you can earn money while shopping or even on your existing insurance policy or your home loan. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. Don’t worry, we’ll explain how you can actually get cashback for shopping online as well as the benefits you can get from joining our club.

Get cash through trailing commissions

When paying for your life insurance or home loans, a third party, like the broker who first set up the account, receives incentives known as trailing commissions from your payment. Unbeknownst to you, these can be as high as 0.15 per cent of your home loan balance or a third of your insurance premiums annually! It’s possible to get the broker to rebate them back to you, but it’s highly unlikely. The easiest way is to list Cashback Club as the broker and we’ll take care of getting the trailing commissions rebate back to you.

It’s more fun to shop with a friend

There’s no reason why you should find online shopping boring, not when you can refer and shop with friends and actually earn from their savings as well. You don’t even need to do anything except refer them, and voila! The more your friend buys from any of our listed merchants, the more money you’ll be earning.

Shop online for goods and services

With our huge selection of merchants online, you can go shopping for food, refill your prescriptions and vitamins, and pay for your utility bills without leaving your house or lining up in long queues. By registering with Cashback Club first and using our website as portal to purchase your items, your purchases will earn cash for you which can then be paid straight into your bank account. With our high cashback amounts, your effort is well worth it.

Take advantage of the discounted discounts

Every savvy shopper knows that you can get great deals on items online. But what if you could make even better deals on those same items? Online vouchers or discount coupons allow you to purchase items at a lower price than you would usually see in brick and mortar stores.

With such great advantages, it’s time to register and start saving on everyday items; achieving discounts that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to, from your regular credit cards. Plus, the convenience of shopping from your home and getting those products delivered right where you are beats the slow-moving traffic and heat, now that summer’s just around the corner. Had a great experience shopping with us? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

How Cashback Club Works