Internet Shopping: The Future is Here

Traditional businessmen, those who never adapted to the digital age, are fast losing money due to the convenience of online shopping. Everyone we know seems to be jumping on the bandwagon; realising how truly amazing it is to sit at home with a laptop, browse to your heart’s content, then press a button to check out your items, which are delivered within 24 to 72 hours.

But does that mean one has to lose his brick-and-mortar store and put up a website instead? Are coupons a thing of the past? In this post, we’ll take a look at how traditional solutions can be integrated into modern shopping.

Virtual Coupons, Anyone?

In the past, homemakers got their coupons by cutting them out from magazines and newspapers - barcodes were unheard of. There were no websites, no promotion links, and cashback on purchases was all about manual application of discounts, with calculations performed using simple paper and pen. But the resulting discounts brought joy to these homemakers. Even if it was less than a dollar, they were still able to save significant amounts of money buying everyday items.

Today, consumers are more sensitive to prices and prefer stores that offer discounts and promotions online. ‘Free shipping, Australia-wide’ or ‘sign up for our email list today & get 10% off your next purchase’ are familiar lines on coupon sites. Modern shopping is all about loyalty cards, and both printable and digital coupons. It’s basically the same cut-and-save of previous generations, but with a twist that only innovations in technology can bring.

Fully-Integrated Physical Stores and Online Shops

Internet giants and leading store chains are constantly coming up with new ways to entice their customers to buy more. One way to promote a seamless customer experience is by integrating bricks-and-mortar stores and e-commerce websites. Customers can easily view and buy products online and pick them up from local stores or get those shops to deliver their items in less than 24 hours. This allows consumers to stick to the convenience of online shopping, while satisfying their need for speedy delivery.

Earlier this year, the Melbourne Fashion Festival experienced a different kind of shopping, one that merged the in-store and online shopping experiences. A reputable department store chain offered Vera Wang couture and had live models strutting on a makeshift runway in the middle of the street.

Sounds like your usual fashion show. However, instead of rushing to the department store, attendees were able to instantly purchase what they wanted online using the iPads that were laid out for them at the fashion show site. The items were then delivered to their homes in less than 24 hours, courtesy of the local stores.


Internet shopping has improved considerably over the years and not only has it made things more convenient for consumers, it has also paved the way for people to continue saving on items they need and want. Here at Cashback Club, for example, we offer online voucher and coupons as well as get high trailing commission from your superannuation, home loans or insurance back to you. Have any questions on how you can save while shopping? Check our FAQs or get in touch with us today.

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