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Home Loans & Cashback

Will I have contact with a real mortgage broker?

Yes. With Cashback Club you will be allocated your very own dedicated mortgage broker and personal processing assistant. Together, they will hold your hand from the time of application through to settlement of your home loan. Our mortgage brokers will assist you with all loan and lender-related enquiries and your dedicated personal processing assistant will keep you and your conveyance/solicitor up to with the progress of your application.

How much cashback can I receive from my home loan?

The amount of cashback you can receive from your home loan will depend on the amount of your home loan & your chosen bank. Generally speaking an average home loan of $400,000 will generate a cashback of $1,300 during the first 12 months and then $300 per annum in future years.

If I already have a loan do I need to refinance this loan to a new lender?

If you have an existing home loan then you will need to refinance your loan to a different bank using one of Cashback Club’s home loan brokers in order to claim your cashback. This is because banks will only recognise the introducing broker as the broker they pay sales commissions to. Therefore Cashback Club must introduce you to another bank and broker the refinance of your existing home loan for us to collect these home loan sales commissions for you.

What banks do Cashback Club have available to use?

Cashback Club provides you access to all major Australian banks and second tier lenders. We have over 30 different lending institutions on our panel and a full range of home loan products.

Is there a cost to the Cashback Club home loan service?

You will never be asked to pay money to us. Cashback Club do however charge a loan processing fee of $550 inclusive of GST for all loan application which is deducted from the initial loan commission cashback payable to you once your new loan settles.

This processing fee covers the following:

  • Preparing the Loan Submission for your loan to the lender of your choice, expertly done by your allocated mortgage broker.
  • Full processing & follow up of any loan requirements until completion – conversing with your lender and others connected with your loan (solicitors, real estate agents) via cashback Club’s efficient loan processing centre.
  • Keeping you fully informed with respect to your loan’s progress from application through to settlement.
  • Ensuring that settlement of your loan is effected smoothly.

If the initial commission cashback amount is insufficient to cover the loan processing fee, you will not be asked to make up any shortfall. Cashback Club will never ask our members for any form of payment as we are in the business of paying money to our members.

How often will I receive cashback from my home loan?

Your initial cashback will be received as an initial commission from your bank approximately 1 month after the settlement of your new loan. Thereafter in most cases there will additional cashback amounts generated by your loan every month for the life of your loan. All cashback amounts are deposited to your cashback account and made available for you to transfer to your bank or Paypal account at your leisure.

Cashback on Personal Insurances (existing policies)

Can I get cashback on my existing insurance policy?

Yes. If you have an existing personal insurance policy such as life or income protection insurance Cashback Club can get cashback on the premiums you currently pay.

How do I get cashback on my existing insurance policies?

It’s simple. You only need to complete a 1 page form which can be done either online here or if you like you can print it out and complete it the old fashioned way here. Once you send it to us we will arrange with your insurer to collect your cashback on your behalf and deposit it to your cashback account.

How much cashback will I receive from my policy?

It depends upon way the commission structure of your policy was originally established. Your cashback could be as could be as high as 35% or as low as 10% of your annual policy premiums.

When and how often do I receive cashback on existing personal insurance polices?

Insures usually pay Cashback Club sales commissions during the month following your premium payments. If you pay your premiums annually then your cashback will be placed in your Cashback Club account in the month after your premiums are paid. Once this money has been deposited to your Cashback account you are free to transfer it to your bank or Paypal account whenever you choose.

Cashback on Personal Insurances (new policies)

What about new life or income protection insurance policies is there cashback on these as well?

Absolutely. If you apply for a new insurance policy – or even apply to replace your existing policy you already have, you will receive 50% of your premiums back after the first 12 months of holding the policy.

Is there any cashbacks on new policies after the first 12 months?

Yes. After the first 12 months your new policy will also generate renewal cashbacks for you. These renewal cashback amounts will be 5% - 10% of your new policy premiums.

How do I apply for a new policy via Cashback Club?

It’s easy. Simply get an online quote via the Cashback Compare section of the website, choose an insurer that you would like to apply to and answer the online insurance application questionnaire. Once you have completed the online insurance application questionnaire a Cashback Club insurance representative will contact you to introduce themselves and manage your application through to completion.

Online Purchases & Cashback

Why do I need to “log in” to receive cashback?

Cashback Club uses sophisticated tracking technology to track the cashback on items that you purchase via the Cashback Club website. For this technology to work it is important that you are logged into your Cashback Club account prior to clicking through to the retailers website where you complete your purchase. Don’t worry about remembering to login to your account. Cashback Club will prompt you to do so if it looks like you might be about to miss out on any cashback.

Why is there a delay between my purchase and my cashback becoming available?

Cashback Club collects sales commissions from retailers when you a referred to then via the Cashback Club website. The time delay between the time of the purchase and the time of availiable cashback is the time it takes the retailer to acknowledge the referral and pay Cashback Club the sales commission from the sale. This time period can vary depending on who the retailer is and their efficiency of their payment systems.

In my cashback account, what do the status’s “Pending”, “Approved”, “Payable”, “Claimed” & “Paid” mean?

When you complete a purchase with a retailer via the Cashback Club website there are various stages that your purchase and cashback need to go through prior to being made available to you. Cashback Club keeps you informed of exactly which stage your cashback is at in this process. The different stages if your cashback include –

  • (a) Pending – Your purchase has been tracked by Cashback Club but has not yet been acknowledged by the retailer as a cashback transaction.
  • (b) Approved – The retailer then approves your purchase as a cashback transaction.
  • (c) Payable – Cashback Club has received payment of your cashback from the retailer and it is now available to you.
  • (d) Claimed – You have claimed your cashback to your bank account.
  • (e) Paid – Your cashback has been deposited to your bank or Paypal account

Why has the status of my transaction not reached “Approved” or “Payable”?

Some merchants take longer than others to (a) acknowledge purchases & (b) pay the sales commissions due on these purchases. The most important thing is that your transaction actually appears as “Pending” as this indicates that it is being tracked as a cashback purchase.

A retailer which appears on the Cashback Club website told me that they don’t have a relationship with Cashback Club.

As strange as this sounds this is quite a common comment. You must remember that not all of the retailer’s staff are fully informed of all the marketing activities their employer is involved in and therefore simply does not know that their employer is involved with Cashback Club. PS Cashback Club would respectively ask you not to contact the retailers directly about your cashback. A more effective way to resolve any cashback question or issue is to contact Cashback Club directly and our trained staff should be able to resolve your query. As cashback promotions are not a retailers primary business, their staff are not always equipped or as knowledgeable as the Cashback Club customer service staff with respect to cashback queries.

How does Cashback Club Work?

Cashback Club offers our members the opportunity to receive cashback when they purchase something online. Essentially Cashback Club act as a referrer of business to retailers who are all too pleased to pay sales commissions on any online sales that are made from this marketing channel. Cashback Club collects the sales commissions received from the retailers and shares it with our member who made the online purchase. Cashback Club makes any online purchase a win / win scenario. The retailer is happy as they get to make a sale and the purchaser is happy as they get a great online price on their purchase and some extra cashback for their custom.

How does Cashback Club make its money?

Like any enterprise, Cashback Club must generate revenue to continue to function & offer our cashback service for our members. We do this by withholding a portion of each sales commission that is paid to us by a retailer, insurance company, fund manager or bank.

Does it cost me anything to join or participate in Cashback Club?

Not at all. Cashback Club will never ask our members for any money ever! Cashback Club’s purpose - as our name suggests - is to collect and pay our members money.

Do I have to make a purchase to get cashback?

No. While all purchases made via Cashback Club will result in cashback, you do not necessarily have to make a purchase in order to receive money. If you own personal insurance’s such as life insurance, income protection insurance or trauma insurance or even have a home loan or superannuation account, you can get cashback by utilising Cashback Club’s Free Cash offer.

Is there a minimum or maximum cashback amount needed before I can access it?

No. We like you to be in control of your cashback and therefore you are free to withdraw as little or as much as you like from your cashback account. You may choose to withdraw as little as 1 cent or alternatively you may choose to let your cashback accumulate over time and withdraw thousands. It’s your choice.

How do I access my cashback?

Every Cashback Club member is allocated a username and password which is unique to them. When you are logged into your Cashback Club account you can monitor and claim your available cashback via the “My Cashback” section.

Discount codes

What are discount codes or Coupons?

Some retailers may offer discount codes or coupon codes for their goods & services as part of a sales promotion for a particular product line. Cashback Club displays discount codes for some merchants on our website which can then be copied placed in the box provided on the retailers checkout page. Typically the use of a discount code will reduce the cost of the item being purchased &/or result in a cashback on the purchase.

What do I do if a discount code does not work?

All discount codes published on cashbackclub.com.au should work whilst they are still on display. If however you experience a circumstance whereby the code you are using appears not to work then please contact Cashback Club and we will resolve your issue.

As discount codes have a “use by date”. If you are trying to use a code that has been copied some time ago it is entirely possible that the discount code may have expired.

Are my transaction & personal details secure with Cashback Club?

Cashback Club takes both your privacy and the security of your details very seriously as it is the cornerstone of our business. We employ very sophisticated anti-hacking technology to avoid any breaches of the privacy of our member’s personal or transactional details. For super sensitive data we collect such as bank details, these are stored using the latest encryption technology. For more information on your privacy of data please refer to Cashback Club’s privacy policy

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