Financial Services Guide – CBC Trading (trading as Cashback Club)

Issue date: 14 October 2013

What is this Financial Services Guide?

This Financial Services Guide (FSG) is provided to you by CBC Trading Pty Ltd (trading as Cashback Club) ACN 164 936 976 Authorised Representative No.448465 of Lighthouse Wealth Management Pty Ltd, Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) No 418445.

This FSG is an important document which we are required to give you in accordance with the AFSL we operate under. It is designed to assist you in deciding whether to use any of the financial services offered by us. We are required to provide you an FSG if we provide certain financial services to you and you are a retail client.

This FSG contains important information about:

References to ‘you’ and ‘your’ refer to existing and potential ‘retail clients’ as defined by the Corporations Act 2001 (the Act). The information contained in this FSG is general information only and has been prepared without taking into account any particular person’s objectives, financial situation or needs. We provide no warranty regarding the suitability of any of the financial services described in this FSG for any person.

What documents will you receive?

Product Disclosure Statement

Before acquiring a financial product, with the exception of credit products, a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) will be provided to you. The PDS is designed to assist you to make an informed decision about the product described in the PDS. The PDS will contain information about the product and will usually include the details of the product.

Statement of Advice

If a person provides a retail client with personal advice they must give the client a Statement of Advice (SOA). ‘Personal advice’ means advice that takes into account your objectives, financial situation and needs.

As Cashback Club acts only as a “no advice – deal only” broker,we do not provide personal advice to retail clients and therefore you will not receive an SOA from us.

However, if you do express a need for personal advice and cashback club recommends you seek personal financial advice then you will receive an SOA from your financial adviser if they recommend that you invest in a financial product.

Who is Cashback Club?

Cashback Club is an authorised representative of Lighthouse Wealth Management AFSL 418445 & ACL 392926. Cashback Club, acts as a “No Advice – deal only” broker for personal insurances such as life, total permanent disability, income protection & trauma insurances. Cashback Club also acts in the capacity of a full service mortgage broker.

Cashback Club also acts as a referrer for financial services which fall outside the scope of the Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) and Australian Credit Licence (ACL) we operate under. These services are conducted and provided by partner firms who do operate under the appropriate AFSL for the particular type of service they provide if they are required. Services which fall into this category include general insurance services.

What are our contact details?

Street Address
Level 3, 737 Burwood Road,
Hawthorn East VIC 3123

Postal address
Cashback Club
GPO Box 3183,
Melbourne VIC 3001

Phone: 1300 137 203

What financial services are we authorised to provide?

The financial services provided by us and referred to in this FSG are:

How we are paid for the financial services we provide

Cashback Club is an authorised Representative of Lighthouse Wealth Management Pty Ltd

Lighthouse Wealth Management receives commissions from the product issuer when a Cashback Club customer acquire or nominates a financial product via the Cashback Club website. Depending on the product, this commission may be an upfront commission paid once when you first acquire the financial product, or a trail commission, paid annually at each anniversary of the date you acquired the financial product, or both. All commissions are calculated as a percentage of the price you pay to acquire the financial product.

Cashback Club receive the following commission types in respect of the listed products:

The above listed commissions received are shared with our customers.

What remuneration and other benefits are received by our employees?

Cashback Club employees do not receive specific payments or commissions for the services they provide to you. These employees and the directors receive salaries, bonuses and other benefits from us. We may also reward our staff with monetary and non-monetary incentives and benefits from time to time depending on performance.

Associations or relationships between us and issuers of financial products that may be capable of influencing us Cashback Club is in no way owned by any of the product issuers of the products we assist our customer apply for. We do receive commissions from insurers, banks and other financial service related entities for any new or existing products we assist our customers apply for or are appointed as agents of which are then shared with our customers.

How do we manage conflicts of interest?

Potential conflicts may occasionally arise between the interests of you, ourselves and our related parties and other parties (including service providers appointed by us). As an authorised representative of the holder of an AFSL, we have statutory and common law fiduciary duties to manage conflicts of interest, and if there is a conflict between your interests and our own interests, give priority to your interests. We have policies, procedures and organisational arrangements in place to manage conflicts of interest. Our management is responsible for the management and resolution of conflicts of interest arising in relation to the operation of our financial services related activities.

How do we respect your privacy?

We respect your privacy and have developed a Privacy Policy which embodies the National Privacy Principles. Our Privacy Policy can be obtained by contacting us directly or by visiting our privacy policy.

What are our compensation arrangements?

Lighthouse Wealth Mnagement hold professional indemnity (PI) insurance cover for the activities conducted under the AFSL & ACL which Cashback Club operate. Subject to its terms and conditions, the policy provides cover for civil liability resulting from third party claims concerning the professional services provided by Cashback Club and its employees and representatives. This policy covers professional services provided by employees and representatives of Cashback Club while they are in our employment.

How do we deal with complaints?

If you have any concerns about the financial services we provide, please notify us in writing at GPO Box 3183, Melbourne VIC 3001, by email to, or by calling us on 03 8862 6518.

Our policy is to immediately seek to resolve and acknowledge receipt of your complaint. We will then investigate the complaint and decide what action (if any) to take. Our decision will be communicated to you within 45 days.

If you are not happy with how the complaint has been resolved, you may contact our external dispute resolution scheme whose details are below.

Financial Ombudsman Service Limited (FOS)
GPO Box 3, Melbourne VIC 3001
Phone: (03) 961 7366
Fax: (03) 9613 6399
Free call: 1300 78 08 08

Authorising Licensee
Lighthouse Wealth Management Pty Ltd
AFSL: 418445
ABN: 62 129 894 533
Address: Level 3, 737 Burwood Road, Hawthorn East VIC 3123
Phone: 1300 137 203

How can you provide us with instructions?

To conduct financial services transactions, you need to instruct us in writing. Some products and services may have their own rules on how instructions can be provided or how those instructions can be carried out. Please refer to the relevant PDS for details.

Questions or would just like more information?

If you have any questions or would like more information about our FSG, contact us today.

Phone: 1300 137 203

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