Cashback Club Terms and Conditions

1. Cashback Club Membership

Becoming a member of Cashback Club is easy. You need only to be a resident of Australia and be over the age of 15. If you wanted to, you can also cancel your membership at any time – although we don’t understand why you would do this given that we are free to join and use, will only ever be paying you money and there are no catches. If you did want to cancel your membership or unsubscribe from our emails you only need to send an email to

Cashback Club reserves the right to restrict or refuse membership or terminate an existing account as our discretion. Please also note that in order to keep our overhead costs down we reserve the right to close or disable dormant accounts. A dormant account is defined as one which has not been logged into over the past 12 months.

It is a condition of membership that you agree to accept electronic communications from Cashback Club such as emails and SMS’s and use a valid email address. As part of the joining procedure it is required that you click a link contained within an authentication email which shows us that your email is valid. We also reserve the right to terminate a member’s account if the member classifies our emails as junk or spam.

If you have joined via the “refer a friend” cashback reward program, you agree that your friend may be able to see some of the details of your cash back account including your membership joining date and the amount of cashback you have received and your username.

2. Cashback Club membership levels

Cashback Cub has three distinct membership levels which entitle the member to a differing amount of cashback for any retail purchase made via the Cashback Club website.

Classic membership

The Classic level of membership entitles the member to receive the standard level of cashback on purchased made via the Cashback Club website. This level of membership is free to join and use and has no catches.

Classic plus membership - 150% cashback

The Classic Plus level of membership entitles the member to receive 150% of the classic membership level of cashback on purchases made with retailers via the Cashback Club website. This level of membership is free to join and use.

To attain the “Classic Plus” membership level member take advantage of Cashback Club’s “No Purchase Easy Cash” offer. Linked to the No Purchase Free Cash segment of the website.

Once a Cashback Club member has achieved the “Classic Plus” level of membership, they will maintain this level of membership whilst they continue to take advantage of the Cashback Club’s Easy Cash” offer.

Premium membership – Double Cashback

The premium level of membership entitles the member to 200% of the classic level of membership cashback on purchases made with retailers via the cashback site. This member level is also free to join but requires that the member takes advantage of -

(a) Cashback Club’s personal insurance broking service to successfully apply for a new personal insurance policy(s) including –

  • Life insurance
  • Disability insurance (commonly known and Total Permanent Disability),
  • Income protection insurance or
  • Critical illness insurance

& / or

(b) Cashback Club’s home loan broking service to successfully apply for a new home loan or a refinance of an existing home loan.

Once a cashback member has achieved the “Premium” membership level they will maintain this level of membership whilst they maintain the new insurance policy or home loan that originally elevated them to premium membership status.

Note : Cashback amounts earned on both the Classic Plus and Premium levels of membership are subject to a cap of 100% of the sales commissions (ex GST) received by Cashback Club from retailers.

Joint Cashback Club accounts

Cashback Club allow our members to operate a joint Cashback Club account for a family group or a group of friends. This ensures that, where cashback club withhold an annual administration fee for our service, only one fee is withheld from the one cashback account.

Where a joint account is held for a family group or number of friends, cashback amounts will be only be credited to the one bank account.

3. Cashback Amounts

Uniquely Cashback Club offers up to 100% of the commissions we receive from retailers back to our members. Also uniquely, Cashback Club offers a “No Purchase – Easy Cash” opportunity to our members.

Cashback Club members have the opportunity of earning cashback in a variety of different ways including –

Cashback on retail purchases made via the Cashback Club website

Members can earn cashback from their day to day online retail purchase decisions simply by purchasing their products or services via the Cashback Club website. Please note that all purchases made via the Cashback Club website are transactions made with the retailer and are not made with Cashback Club. Cashback Club merely act as a referral source to retailers who are happy to share their profit made on a sale with us which we then share with our member who originated the purchase.

The amount of cashback payable to a member from retail purchases will depend on a number of factors including –

  • (a) Cashback Club’s base cashback amount (Classic membership level) offered for transactions made with each retailer &
  • (b) The individual member’s level of membership (as described above).

The level of membership offered to a Cashback Club member is determined by the member’s participation in either “Cashback Club’s Easy Cash” program or Cashback Club’s new insurance or home loan brokerage services. These services are described in detail below.

Cashback amounts paid to members may vary depending on the purchased item and the terms and conditions imposed upon the purchase by the retailer or for any other reason at Cashback Club’s discretion.

Occasionally retailers may increase or decrease their sales commission offers on a particular item or group of items promoted on the Cashback Club website. As such, the cashback offer promoted on the Cashback Club website may be incorrect. While Cashback Club takes reasonable care to ensure that the offers promoted on our website reflects the latest cashback deals available, we make no guarantee the actual cashback received by us and thus our members will be the same as the promoted cashback amount or percentage of sale nor do we accept any liability for any errors or omissions of the cashback deals promoted. All sales commissions received by Cashback Club will be credited to members accounts in line with the amounts actually received from retailers and the percentage of entitlement to these commissions by the individual member.

All cashback amounts received from retailers are deposited to a member’s cashback account when they are received from the merchant. These amounts are available to the member to transfer to his/her bank or Paypal account as soon as the transaction has been approved by the retailer as a valid cashback transaction and the status of the transaction within the members cashback account has been classed as “Available”.

Cashback on members existing financial products (No Purchase – Easy Cash Offer)

Cashback Club offers all our members the opportunity to take advantage of Cashback Club’s “No Purchase Easy Cash” offer. As the name suggests members do not need to make a purchase or spend any money in order to benefit from “Easy cash” being deposited to their cashback accounts. Cashback Club members simply need to have an existing personal insurance policy (such as life insurance, total permanent disability insurance, income protection insurance, critical illness or trauma insurance) or a superannuation or managed fund account with a retail fund to take advantage. Cashback Club will collect the ongoing “trailing” or “renewal” commissions that are paid on these accounts and policies and credits a portion of these trailing commissions to our member cashback accounts. Cashback Club will retain a portion of any trailing commissions or service fees we collect from insurers and fund managers. The portion retained is 50% of the first $495 per annum collected. The other 50% of the first $495 plus 100% of any additional amount collected annually is credited to the members cashback account and is available to be directed by the member to their bank account upon request. Where it is not possible to collect any trailing commissions generated by an account or policy, then these amounts are simply redirected back to the investors account. It is important to note that this process will ensure that Cashback Club is the broker on your account or policy thus replacing any existing broker. If you have an existing relationship with a broker for your accounts or policies please consider this relationship in evaluating whether you would like to take advantage of the Cashback Club “No Purchase Easy Cash” offer.

Cashback on new financial products

Cashback Club offers members to opportunity to receive cashback on new financial products such as home loans & personal insurance policies for which Cashback Club act as brokers in their initial establishment. New financial products usually generate both initial and ongoing trailing commissions. All commissions generated by the establishment of a new home loan or a new insurance policy are shared equally with our member to which the account or policy belongs. All Initial commission amounts are directed to member’s cashback accounts as they are received by the banks or insurers. Initial commissions are made available to the member once the relevant clawback period has ended. After the relevant clawback period has ended all initial commission amounts are available to the member to direct to their Paypal or bank account on request. All trailing commission amounts received by Cashback Club by the banks or insurers are paid to members Cashback accounts upon receipt and are available to members on request.

With respect to new personal insurance policies, Cashback Club acts in a “No Advice – Deal Only” broker. This means that Cashback Club can offer you general advice with respect to a particular policy but will not provide you with specific advice taking into account your specific circumstances, financial situation and needs. If you require specific advice taking into account your own personal circumstances, financial situation, risk tolerances and needs please contact Cashback Club and we will be happy to recommend a licenced and experienced insurance adviser who can assist you on a “fee for service” basis.

4. Valid Transactions & Payment Process of Cashback Amounts

Cashback Club employs technology designed to track the purchase transactions made by our members with the retailers published on the Cashback Club website. It is important that Cashback Club members are aware that in order to maximise the chance of a successful tracking of a purchase transaction, you must click through to the retailer’s website via the Cashback Club website immediately prior to making your online purchase. This will result in a “valid” cashback transaction being recorded in your cashback account. Failure to “click through” to the retailer’s website from the Cashback Club website prior to completing your purchase may result in your transaction not being tracked and therefore not be eligible for cashback.

There are five stages involved in receiving a cashback amount once a Cashback Club member completes a purchase with one of the retailers published on our website.

1st stage - Pending

Once you complete a “valid” cashback purchase with one the retailers published on our website the transaction you can confirm that it has been successfully tracked when it shows in your cashback account as “Pending”. The “Pending” transaction should appear in your cashback account by the end of the 2nd business day following the transaction. The “Pending” stage confirms that the transaction has been tracked successfully. Transactions can stay within the pending stage for up to 60 days prior to being “Approved or Rejected”.

2nd stage – Approved / Rejected

Once a transaction has been tracked it then must be either approved or rejected by the retailer as a commissionable transaction. There are a number of reasons why a valid transaction may be rejected by a retailer as a commissionable transaction including but not limited to where the customer returns the item purchased and receives a refund. Retailers have up to 60 days post the transaction date to reject the transaction as a commissionable sale. When the retailer acknowledges a transaction as a commissionable sale the status of the transaction will move to approved. If the retailer rejects a transaction then the status will move to “rejected” with a reason for the rejection also listed.

3rd stage – Payable

When Cashback Club receives payment from a retailer based on a prior valid transaction this will move the status to “Payable”. When a member has an amount listed as “Payable” in their cashback account they are free to direct this amount to either their bank or Paypal account at will.

4th stage – Claimed

Amounts that have been directed to go to either bank accounts or Paypal accounts which remain unprocessed are classed as “Claimed”.

5th Stage – Paid

Amounts that have been paid to either Paypal or bank accounts are listed as “Paid” within the members cashback account.

Cashback amounts received from banks, insurance companies or fund managers as part of the “No Purchase – Easy Cash” opportunity do not go through the 5 stages of tracking and payment. These amounts are deposited directly to the members cashback account on receipt and will show as “Payable”.

Should a retailer delay or refuse an approved payment or cease trading prior to an approved cashback amount being paid, Cashback Club will make all reasonable efforts to recover your cashback however we make no guarantee as to the probability of a successful recovery. We also reserve the right to discontinue our recovery efforts after reasonable steps have already been taken.

Whilst Cashback Club always operates on a “best endeavours” basis with respect to the tracking, follow up and payment of cashback amounts, should a cashback amount be determined to be unrecoverable for any reason we reserve the right to discontinue our effort to recover it.

Cashback Club reserves the right to make any necessary adjustments to any cashback amount within a members statement if it becomes apparent that the actual cashback amount differs from the published cashback amount, as a result of errors or omissions or as a result of any fraudulent activity within a member’s cashback statement.

Where a voucher code (also known as coupon codes or discount codes) has been promoted within the Cashback Club website, Cashback Club accepts no responsibility for the validity of the code. While each voucher code has been confirmed as valid prior to being promoted on the Cashback Club website, the fact that the promoter of the code can end the codes validity at any time without notice means that some of the voucher codes displayed may not work as expected. In this circumstance Caashback Club accepts no responsibility for any loss of discount from the use of a non-valid voucher code.

For the avoidance of any doubt or uncertainty, in all circumstances & notwithstanding any other provision in these terms and conditions, payment of cashback amounts is at Cashback Club’s sole discretion. Furthermore where a dispute arises as to the payment of a cashback amount with respect to amount or timing our decision will be final.

5. Changes in the terms and conditions

By accessing and using the functionality of the Cashback Club website you acknowledge and agree to be bound by the these terms and conditions. Cashback Club may also make modifications in these terms and conditions from time to time as a result of new products & features of our service, to take account of new legislation or any other reason. Your continued use of the Cashback Club website is an acknowledgement that you agree to be bound by any changes made to the terms and conditions. Should you object to any future modifications to the terms and conditions of use then your only recourse is to discontinue your use of the Cashback Club website and any related services.

6. Cashback Club is a “no advice service”

All information displayed on the Cashback Club website is of a general nature and is not to be taken as either specific advice or any form of endorsement or recommendation. All information displayed on the Cashback Club website does not take into account any individual’s specific circumstances, goals or objectives. Before applying for any financial product listed or quoted on the Cashback Club website you must decide for yourself whether the product or service is suitable for your situation taking into account your individual circumstances, financial goals and objectives, risk tolerances and financial needs. If you are not comfortable making these decisions on your own you should consult and seek advice from a licensed financial advisor.

Cashback Club also expressly makes no opinion, recommendation or endorsement of any of the products or services able to be purchased or quoted via the Cashback Club website.

7. Privacy

Cashback Club is bound by the National Privacy Principles contained within the National Privacy Act 1988. At any time we may review and update this Privacy Policy to reflect new legislation and technology. All personal information held by Cashback Club will be subject to the most recent version of the Privacy Policy.

Cashback Club take the issue of our member’s privacy extremely seriously as it is bedrock of our business. As such Cashback Club uses the latest encryption technology to ensure that all Cashback Club members personal details are kept private. Members personal information is always restricted to Cashback Club staff, and if necessary, affiliated partners only for the purpose of providing individual members with Cashback Club related services.

Cashback Club will never allow your personal information to be sold or distributed to a third party. For more information please see the Cashback Club privacy policy

8. Legal Jurisdiction

The jurisdiction for the interpretation and governance of these "Terms and Conditions" is in the state of Victoria. You submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Victoria.

If any one or more of the above "Terms & Conditions" are held to be invalid by a Court of Law, the remaining "Terms and Conditions" will continue with full effect.

9. Your Responsibilities

You must not register as a member multiple times, impersonate or open a Cashback Club account for anyone other than yourself.

You must not use, copy, reproduce, sell, translate, transmit, publish or post in whole or in part any of the contents of this website without the written permission of the management of Cashback Club.

You must keep your Cashback Club member number and password secure and not disclose it to any third party. Cashback Club accepts no responsibility for any consequence arising from an unauthorised third party accessing members accounts and/or changing member details.

You must immediately notify Cashback Club if you suspect that the security of your membership or password has been compromised.

You must be an Australian resident to avail of the services of Cashback Club. If you are not a resident of Australia you must not treat any information contained within the Cashback Club website as an offer or invitation to purchase a product or service.

You must comply with the laws applicable to your current residence and in Australia.

You acknowledge that all information provided by Cashback Club or able to be accessed via the Cashback Club website including promotional material, is prepared by third party providers and that Cashback Club is making no recommendation as to the appropriateness of the product or service to you or providing any assurance or warranty as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information provided.

You acknowledge that all information provided by Cashback Club including promotional material or able to be accessed via the Cashback Club website does not constitute financial advice and may not be relied upon as such.

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