Get cashback on your new or refinanced home loan

Sales commissions on home loans

Did you know that your home loan could be paying you $1,000’s every year.

This is because banks pay generous ongoing trailing commissions to brokers who introduce home loan customers to them. As a home loan broker, Cashback Club collects these home loan commissions from the banks and forwards them to our customers.

Different banks have different rates of trailing commissions but in most cases they pay an ongoing trailing commission of between 0.15% to 0.30% of the outstanding balance of your loan per annum. This trailing commission is paid to the broker for as long as you have your loan.

This may not sound like much when phased in percentage terms however consider that an average $400,000 home loan will generate between $600 & $1,200 every year for the life of your loan.

Wouldn't this money be better off in your pocket rather than a brokers or the banks?

By allowing Cashback Club to act as your home loan broker for your new home loan or a refinance of your existing loan, we not only strive to get you the best deal in the market but we also collect these trailing commissions generated by your loan on your behalf and pay them to you.

We work with over 30 different lenders

Cashback Club work with over 30 different lenders including all of the major banks and second tier lenders and are able to offer you the most competitive rates in the market as well as provide you with advice in how to structure your lending to best advantage.

You can compare all the different loans available to you and apply online for your new home loan – or a refinance of your existing loan – by using the Cashback Club’s home loan comparison and apply tool.

We keep our cost down so that you get cashback

Cashback Club is not any different to a traditional mortgage broker in that we guide you through the maze of home loans on offer and once a particular loan is selected, we actively manage your application through to settlement. One big difference is that rather than having an expensive bricks and mortar office, we make the best use of the internet to streamline the application process . In doing so we keep our costs down are able to offer you 100% of the mortgage broker trailing commissions we receive from your bank.

Is there any cost?

Cashback Club only ever pays our members cashback. We will never ask you for any money – that’s just the way we work. Cashback Club gets paid by holding onto the initial sales commissions that the banks pay us – the ongoing home loan trailing commission is cashback for you!

Our process

Use Cashback Club’s home loan compare tool to compare the home loan market and apply online.

How Cashback Club Works