Cashback on new insurance policies

Get 50% of your annual premiums back

Are you considering purchasing a new personal insurance policy such as life, total permanent disability, income protection or trauma insurance? You can use Cashback Club’s online tool to receive quotes and apply online for the policy of your choice.

Best of all, Cashback Club will give you cashback of 50% of your total annual premiums paid in the 1st 12 months after applying for your new policy via Cashback Club.

How can we do this?

Insurance companies pay sales commissions to all insurance brokers who introduce new customers to the insurer and Cashback Club is no different in this respect. Where Cashback Club is different to other brokers is we share this sales commission with you.

Also, as insurance policies also generate renewal commissions every year, you will also receive cashback of 50% of these amounts as well. These renewal commissions can be as high as 30% of your renewed policy premium.

All personal insurance policies arranged via Cashback Club are fully underwritten policies. This means the insurer will ask you all the relevant questions and conduct all the relevant checks before agreeing to insure you. This ensures that there are no “mis-understandings” should you ever have to claim on your policy. Further, your policy premiums will generally be up to 50% cheaper than the typical policy you can arrange over the phone.

In addition, all personal insurance policies arranged via Cashback Club will be with one of Australia’s major insurance companies. Cashback Club takes it’s role in the insurance industry very seriously and have chosen only to partner with the most respected and financially solid insurers.

Unsure about how much insurance cover you need ? Whilst there are no hard and fast rules to determine exactly how much cover someone should have there are some factors that should be considered that influence how much insurance is appropriate. These factors include but are not limited to –

  • How many dependants you have
  • At what life stage are your dependants
  • What lifestyle you would want for your dependants
  • Your current asset and liability situation

How Cashback Club Works